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The Team Recipe!

Main Ingredients-Take a rarely used engineering head, bang it around till some good ideas start oozing out! Sauté that on low flame till he get his plans technically right! In the meanwhile, take two highly rated chefs with their belly sizes matching their grumble for ‘not being able to do what we wanna do’ in your ‘run of the meal’ kitchen. Take everything mentioned above, mix it well. Sprinkle it well with some dicey inputs from a pharmacist and voila! You have It! Tastes Awesome too!!!

who actually engineered this idea as a whole! From design to concept to layouts to real thing! With 12 yrs of experience in thoroughbred businesses and a panache to take up new ideas any given day. He leads the team.

6 Yrs.’ of experience and an unnerving smile! It’s difficult to know whether she loves those sumptuous dishes she serves or those dishes love her! Like we say….you know food is such!

You can’t help pharmacist who calls even common salt as ‘Sodium Chloride’! Loves food, Loves to work for food! Period.

here are people who have dogs as pets….then there are people who have trucks! And an obedient one too!!Does a lot more than just wagging the tail eh!